PRO-GLUE develops glue for a number of different trades, products and requirements.


PRO-GLUE A/S is a Danish glue-manufacturing factory with a long tradition of innovation.

We are of a size sufficient to justify our own development department and, yet, we are not so large that we cannot follow each and every order closely, all the way.

Every glue factory has a standard glue product for the solution of standard tasks. This glue will be adequate in more than 90% of cases. However, in a world where he who takes the greatest pains will also be the most successful, it is within the marginal areas that the winner will be found. In our field of expertise, we are searching out the marginal solutions. In our laboratory, we adapt our glue to your production and, when the first batch is delivered to you, our consultant participates at the start up.

In the event that our adaptation should be inadequate, we shall develop an entirely new glue variety which will be a precise match to our customer’s terms and specifications – preferably in collaboration with the machine and material suppliers. We do not charge extra for such research. We pay all development costs, regardless whether your subsequent order(s) will comprise small or large amounts.

The experience thus gained we deposit on the account in the firm’s knowledge bank. This will constitute the basis for our future livelihood.

PRO-GLUE also provides contractual filling of liquids!

We provide mixing and contract filling of a diversity of liquids, and we have considerable experience within this area. At our plant facility, we use our own equipment for mixing and drawing liquids, ranging from quite thin-bodied liquids to 50,000Cp/mPas, in batch-sizes from 200 l to 7000 l in tanks for performing inspection and documented heating and cooling. Our own laboratory is equipped for performing a wide range of inspections and analyses.

(Solely non-food)

If capacity or time in your production is sparse, then contact our R&D manager, Flemming M. Jørgensen for further information.

In case you have any questions or tasks to be solved, do not hesitate to contact us. We shall, of course, always be at your service.